Harris Collins Award

The Harris Collins Awards help skaters whose Home Club is in Minnesota and who are motivated, show promise and love skating, but need financial assistance to continue in our sport. Skaters who fit these guidelines and plan to continue to skate are encouraged to apply for Awards. The Awards are intended to reimbursement direct expenses incurred for figure skating education and skill development.

  • Application Qualifications:Be an USFS member and be an USFS eligible skater,
  • Be recommended by an official from his or her Minnesota Home Club,
  • Have financial need (with complete supporting data shown on the confidential Application),
  • Have passed the USFS Intermediate Free, Bronze Dance, or Intermediate Pair Test by September 1, 2016
  • Have competed in 2016 Upper Great Lakes Regional Championships or received a bye to 2016 Midwestern Sectional Championships, and
  • Have your Application postmarked and mailed to Minnesota Skating Scholarship Fund by February 18, 2019


2018-2019 Harris Collins Award Application